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GreenLight Winners

We've had a lot of great products and projects presented at our GreenLight events, here's a few of our favorites.


Spring 2018:
Grand Prize

Team 404 took home the gold this time with OnRamp, their vision for customer onboarding. 

Team 404

Elfalem A, Josh C, and Leon T, a blend of Implementation and Development, worked deep into the night perfecting their vision and their presentation. 


The first 120 days of a new client's lifecycle are the utmost crucial to their long lasting impression of you. The OnRamp initiative is a revitalization of the onboarding process focused on making those first 120 days the best days of the client's life. Every aspact from initial signing through site creation and inventory management is hand crafted and curated specifically for that dealer. This onboarding process is so artisan, we have hipsters starting new car dealerships just to take the OnRamp to Victory Lane. 


Spring 2018:
Crowd Favorite

An extremely close second, Team ANowALaters won our Crowd Favorite prize with Dealer Finder

Team ANowALaters

Tim K, Courtney M, Danny S, and Nick R, a powerhouse of Dev, CS and Design fought valiently against the early morning hours. Their Dealer Finder fits perfectly at the intersection of many departments. 

Dealer Finder

Dealer Finder allows all departments to easily identify any dealer with any given combination of products and customizations, allowing for easy queries, testing, and examples. This will also segue into the creation of a Dealer Product Catalogue, allowing dealers to easily view all available DealerOn products, and see a demo site with all desired features.