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Project Samples

Below are some examples of projects that (hopefully) showcase whatyou will be building at a GreenLight event.
The goal is to come up with an idea and implementation plan to solve problems like these.


Tracking Issues

In this scenario, we are not already using Jira for tracking issues and tickets. 

Identifying the problem

Every day you and your team pass around dozens of post-it notes and emails keeping track of the status on all the tickets that come in. You have a few spreadsheets that you have to update at the end of the day to record it all for reporting purposes. It's rough, time consuming, and overall extremely annoying keeping track of these things all the time. You know there has to be a better way. 

Finding a solution

You look around and find a tool called Jira that is designed for tracking tickets and issues. Exactly what you and your team have been doing, but now this tool can handle the notifying, reporting, and long term recording of these tickets. 

For the GreenLight event, your team could set up a demo of the Jira software (free trial, mocked-up screen shots, etc) and showcase that in your presentation. Ideally, you would also include information regarding which departments or people you feel this solution would most benefit and how. Metrics are great for making an impact. 


Deployment Status

Development is deploying updates and fixes to the tools I'm using constantly. I need to know when that's happening so my workflow isn't stopped unexpectedly.

Deployments can be Distruptive

Deployments to the Intentory UI are disruptive to my workflow. I can't watch the chat room constantly for notifications. I need some sort of popup to alert me or feature to allow me to respond back easily to ask for a short delay

Maybe the Answer is Right in Front of You

Maybe there's a way to show the users who are logged in a popup or notification that a restart will occur soon. I've heard of Hipchat bots, maybe there's some way to use that to alert and provide feedback on the timing of the deploy. 

Your team would look into some options you feel would resolve your problem and present it to the judges. You don't have to create a Hipchat bot or put together any code at all. Creating some wireframes or a mocked-up screen shot walkthrough would be an excellent way to showcase your proposed solution.


Team Information

I can never remember where to find the information I need for a particular dealer. 

Where was it again?

Remembering where the information lives is always difficult, especially if it's in flux. Maybe there's a way to have that information in an easily accessible place I'm already working in every day?

Sometimes simple solutions are the best

What if there was a page in the CMS specifically for our internal information on a Dealer? Things like a link to a query in Jira searching for that Dealer ID's tickets, the CSM and related reps for that Dealer, and maybe even some contact information for them? Could this information be populated from SalesForce? 

Your team would put together some mocked-up screenshots for this solution and walk through how the parts would be useful. Talking about information that you chose to exclude from this page can be just as informative as your reasoning for the information you did include. Showing that you thought through your solution and iterated on it helps give depth to your concept. 

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