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Welcome to GreenLight

When: October 25th - October 26th 2019
Where: All DealerOn Offices
How: Sign up now

GreenLight is a company-wide event, including Texas, Michigan, and remote, where we'll work in teams to brainstorm and present a solution to everyday problems in order to win prizes. 

Why GreenLight?

GreenLight is the next stage of life for the hackathon event from August 2017. We feel the name GreenLight better represents the intention of these events. We want to get your ideas greenlit in order to get them implemented and make them a reality. We're all in this together.

What's the goal?

The goal of GreenLight events is to move all of us forward. We’re looking for amazing ideas, excellent pitches, and well thought out concepts. We want to hear your suggestions and solutions for solving pain points you see around the office every day. Learn more...

How's this work?

Teams will work together to win prizes by pitching their solution to a panel of DealerOn judges. Everyone is eligible to participate and no coding or development knowledge is required. Learn more...

What's the goal?

The goal of GreenLight is to listen to the people. We know every one of you have amazing ideas and we want to hear them.

GreenLight is designed to remove the normal channels that ideas flow through and bring them straight to the top.

You work together with colleages, maybe meet some new faces or some new friends, and put present the best damn pitch you've got straight to DealerOn's top brass.  

We want to build bonds, we want to remove barriers, and we want to have fun doing it.

How's this work?

Work together to build your pitch and win prizes.

Teams can be formed ahead of time, or we can help you team up at the start of the event. 

You'll work together over the next 24 hours to refine your idea and polish your presentation for the judges. 

The judges will evaluate your presentation on 4 key areas: Pitch, Plan, Problem, and Practice. 

Prizes will be awarded to the top participants.  

No coding or development knowledge is required to participate in this event. It really is for all of DealerOn.  

Check out some samples of what we're looking for. 

GreenLight 2019 sign-ups are open!

Keep an eye on this space, our Twitter, or the /r/DealerOnDiner for updates and announcements.
Final Schedule, theme, and more will be revealed closer to the event.

Register Now

Sign up here to register for the event and receive more information as the date gets closer. 

If you're a guest of a DealerOn Employee, please enter the email of that employee in the Comments/Questions field.

We'll be updating the site with new information frequently. Check back for updates!

Judging Criteria

Pitch: How well you present your idea
Plan: How well thought out your idea is
Problem: How well you resolve the problem you're targetting
Practice: How well defined your implementation plan is, so it can be put into practice


Team will compete for over $500 in prizes. The most important thing is having fun, but who doesn't like a little something extra? 

Project Samples

What if we didn't use Jira?

When is the Inventory UI deploying?

Who is the CSM for Dealer XYZ?



GreenLight is the new name for DealerOn's Hackathon and related events. Specifically, GreenLight events will be focused on DealerOn and getting your ideas pushed forward.

It's good for everyone! Fill out the contact form here and we'll be in touch with more information as the date draws near. If you are the guest of a DealerOn employee please enter the email of that guest in the Comments/Questions field of the Register form.

You will form a team of generally 1-2 other individuals and work together to solve a pain point or issue. Teams will work on their pitch and presentation throughout the 24-hour timeframe and present to our panel of judges. Afterwards, the judges will evaluate and declare a winner.

This is DealerOn. Of course there will be food and drinks provided.

Absolutely not. You are welcome to leave at any time, and you and your team can even work remotely to build your presentation if you wish. We only ask that you be here for the beginning of the event to receive the details, and at the end for the presentations and judging.

Employees from the remote offices, and any other remote employees, are welcome to participate too. We will set up a screen share and video presentation so you can participate for the opening of the event and the presentations/judging.

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